Communication Skills

Online learning requires extensive written communication, primarily by sending messages through e-mail or posting messages on a discussion board. In order to communicate effectively in an online course, you must feel comfortable putting your thoughts into words.

A discussion board is a simple text-based communication system that enables students and instructors to engage in group discussions. A few simple rules make online communication more pleasant and effective:

    Brief is best.

    Keep messages short and focus on a single idea or topic. Present your questions clearly so others understand how you need them to respond.

    Be careful with formatting.

    Do not use fancy formatting features (such as tabs, tables, special fonts) unless you are sure that all users can read them.

    Make messages easily readable.

    Use frequent paragraph breaks, correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It is recommended that you do not type in all capital letters as this can be difficult to read.

    Remember that you are in the public domain.

    Think carefully about what you write. Discussion board messages can be viewed by anyone in the group. Always assume that anything you post could be made public.

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