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  1. My course contains old information from last quarter. What should I do? (7209 views)
  2. I cannot see my courses in Blackboard! (6365 views)
  3. I was dropped from my class! What do I do? (5971 views)
  4. Why are last quarter's courses still in Blackboard? (5561 views)
  5. Can I change my name or e-mail address in Blackboard? (5344 views)
  6. Does my Blackboard account ever expire? (4794 views)
  7. Why is an instructor "Instructor ZZZ_Access" enrolled in my course? (4510 views)
  8. When will I see my Autumn 2017 courses in Blackboard? (4385 views)
  9. How can I make last quarter's courses invisible? (4232 views)
  10. How can I access courses using Instructor ZZZ_Access? (3960 views)
  11. If I use Blackboard to e-mail my students (using E-mail, Announcements or Early Warning System), will the students see everyone's names and email address? (3674 views)
  12. I just dropped a course. When will I lose access to the course's Blackboard site? (3669 views)
  13. What is my Blackboard username and password? (3476 views)
  14. What is a Developmental Shell? (3406 views)
  15. I am teaching this or next quarter and I cannot see my course in Blackboard (3373 views)
  16. How do I share my Blackboard course/material with other faculty? How do I add another faculty member to my Blackboard course? (3311 views)
  17. How can I view my course just as a student would? (3257 views)
  18. I don't want students to have access until later. What should I do? (3254 views)
  19. How are my students added into my Blackboard course? (3238 views)
  20. How long will I have access to my Blackboard course? (3177 views)
  21. I am on a committee or a part of an organization. Can we have an Organization in Blackboard? (3047 views)
  22. I am teaching a class next quarter. How do I get a class section in Blackboard? (3010 views)
  23. What happens when a student drops my course? (3007 views)
  24. How long will students have access to my Blackboard course? (2945 views)
  25. When will my students be added to my Blackboard course? (2934 views)
  26. How can I include a guest (non-CSCC employee) in my course? (2885 views)
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