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  1. I can't open a .docx or .docm file! (13984 views)
  2. My course contains old information from last quarter. What should I do? (7076 views)
  3. Can I change my e-mail address in Blackboard? (6596 views)
  4. What happens if I change my password? (6585 views)
  5. I cannot see my courses in Blackboard! (6239 views)
  6. Can I use my personal e-mail address in Blackboard? (5586 views)
  7. Who do I contact for help with Blackboard? (5490 views)
  8. Can I change my name or e-mail address in Blackboard? (5232 views)
  9. How do I enroll in my instructor's MyMathLab course? (5128 views)
  10. I am having trouble with MyMathLab. Who do I call for help? (4839 views)
  11. What is OpenDocument format? (4343 views)
  12. How can I open OpenDocument format files? (3964 views)
  13. If I use Blackboard to e-mail my students (using E-mail, Announcements or Early Warning System), will the students see everyone's names and email address? (3598 views)
  14. Can I change my Course ID or Course Title in Blackboard? (3586 views)
  15. I have a promotion/ad/event/survey/announcement that I want to make available to all Blackboard users. How do I do this? (3466 views)
  16. What is a Developmental Shell? (3329 views)
  17. I am teaching this or next quarter and I cannot see my course in Blackboard (3283 views)
  18. How can I view my course just as a student would? (3183 views)
  19. I don't want students to have access until later. What should I do? (3178 views)
  20. How are my students added into my Blackboard course? (3166 views)
  21. How long will I have access to my Blackboard course? (3094 views)
  22. Am I required to use Blackboard? (3084 views)
  23. I am on a committee or a part of an organization. Can we have an Organization in Blackboard? (2981 views)
  24. I am teaching a class next quarter. How do I get a class section in Blackboard? (2943 views)
  25. When will my students be added to my Blackboard course? (2859 views)
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