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Top 10 General Distance Learning Questions

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  1. Do distance learning courses cost more? (12881 views)
  2. Are distance learning classes easier than traditional classes? (11011 views)
  3. How does testing work for distance learning courses? (10846 views)
  4. Do Distance Learning courses qualify for financial aid? (9972 views)
  5. Can I earn a degree through distance learning? (9343 views)
  6. What happens after I register for a web-based course? (8858 views)
  7. Are distance learning courses REAL college courses? (8676 views)
  8. Who should take a distance learning course? (8676 views)
  9. Is there an instructor for the course? (6590 views)
  10. What is my CougarID? (6500 views)
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