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Semester-based Online Learning Certificate programs offered at Columbus State

Columbus State Community College currently offers the following certificates through Online Learning, certain courses may require some face-to-face learning experience:

Please note: the degree information listed here is based on the 2014 / 2015 Catalog which is subject to change. Please consult with an Academic Advisor or academic department for the latest information.

About Online Learning Degrees

These Certificate Programs are considered to be Online Learning Degrees. All course requirements for these degrees are available in a Web or Blended (Hybrid) option. Some courses may require clinical or other laboratory visits. Other courses, such a practicums, might not be listed Distance Courses. Contact an Academic Advisor or the Academic Department for further information and details.

  1. Certificate in 3D Visualization
  2. Certificate in Bookkeeping
  3. Certificate in Certificate of Accounting Concentration (CPA Exam Preparation)
  4. Certificate in Certificate of Taxation Specialist
  5. Certificate in Complementary Care
  6. Certificate in Digital Design
  7. Certificate in Direct Marketing
  8. Certificate in Electronic Marketing
  9. Certificate in Entrepreneurship
  10. Certificate in Geographic Information Systems
  11. Certificate in Health Care Manager
  12. Certificate in International Business
  13. Certificate in International Commerce
  14. Certificate in Medical Coding
  15. Certificate in Nonprofit Management
  16. Certificate in Office Specialist
  17. Certificate in Patient Care Skills
  18. Certificate in Photoshop for Photographers
  19. Certificate in Pre-MBA (Marketing)
  20. Certificate in Registered Nurse First Assistant
  21. Certificate in Strategic Procurement
  22. Certificate in Supply Chain Management
  23. Certificate in Sustainable Building
  24. Certificate in Web Communication
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