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BMGT-1101 - Principles of Business

Please note: the degree information listed here is based on the 2016 / 2017 Catalog which is subject to change. Please consult with an Academic Advisor or academic department for the latest information.

Course Offerings:

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Course Type Course Sections Instr Method Term Length On-Campus Meeting Days and Times
If applicable
Credits # Seats Left Instructor
Web-based CourseBMGT-1101-W01-99432OT 1/16 - 5/13There are no meetings on-campus33Jackson
Web-based CourseBMGT-1101-W02-99433OT 1/16 - 5/13There are no meetings on-campus33Krabill
Web-based CourseBMGT-1101-W03-99434OT 1/16 - 5/13There are no meetings on-campus33Jackson
Web-based CourseBMGT-1101-W05-99127OT 1/16 - 5/13There are no meetings on-campus32Krabill
Web-based CourseBMGT-1101-W06-99273OT 3/19 - 5/13There are no meetings on-campus37Schwartz
Web-based CourseBMGT-1101-W07-99128OT 3/19 - 5/13There are no meetings on-campus31Schwartz
Web-based CourseBMGT-1101-W08-04730OT 1/16 - 5/13There are no meetings on-campus35Burkey

Degrees which require or allow BMGT-1101 as a part of the major:

Course Information:


This course provides an overview of the various functions and activities of business enterprises. Marketing, human resources, accounting and finance, and operations are examined. Additionally, the topics of globalization and economics are covered. Students will learn important business terms and definitions. It is recommended that the student complete COLS-1100 before enrolling in this course.

Terms Offered:

Autumn Spring, Summer

Credit Hours:

3 credit hours

Instructional Methods:

Lecture: 3 hours


Placement into ENGL-0190



BMGT-1101 is a Prerequisite for These Courses:



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