Student Mail

All students have a Student Mail account. Grades, midterm reports, fee payment information and campus notifications are all sent to your Student Mail account. Any e-mails sent through Blackboard are also sent to your Student Mail account.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I access my Student Mail account?

To access your Student Mail account, go to Your username and password that you discovered at is used to access your account.

What's my Columbus State E-mail Address?

Your email address will be For example, the student that has the username of jstudent3, would have the email address of

Can I change my e-mail address in Blackboard?

No. Students are placed in Blackboard with their Student Mail account. Faculty and staff (even those who are also students) are placed in Blackboard with their Groupwise accounts. Those e-mail addresses cannot be changed.

Can I use my personal e-mail address in Blackboard?

Neither students nor faculty or staff may use their personal e-mail accounts in Blackboard. E-mail accounts are automatically loaded from Datatel. Students generally use their Student e-mail account. Faculty and staff will use their Groupwise accounts. In the case of a staff member who is also a student, the Groupwise account is generally loaded into Blackboard.

Can I change my name or e-mail address in Blackboard?

No. All information in Blackboard is pulled directly from Datatel. If your name is misspelled or your e-mail account is incorrect, the changes need to be made in Datatel itself. Contact IT Support at (614) 287-5050 to request that these changes be made. Once your account information is correctly, the changes will be made in Blackboard automatically the following morning.

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